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Our team fits in easily with yours and providing a personalized service regardless of the size of your project.

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We provide expertise and genuine commitment to quality on every project, no matter the size, \ market or delivery method.

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An all-rounded company offering a variety of communication products, services and technical support.

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We guide clients through the volatility of market prices and propose innovative options for them.

About Us

We are a business communication solutions company that provides custom-tailored solutions and services that meet customer's specific communication needs.

Our vision is to be the leading, most reliable and preferred provider of business communication solution.

Our mission is to deliver business communication solutions that are simple to understand, easy to use, and relevant to customer's business operations.

Our core values are;

  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Focus
  • Accountability


Increase collaboration and productivity in the workplace by using business communications solutions that are efficient, effective and most importantly, affordable!

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  • VoIP PBX Systems
  • Analog/GSM/ISDN Gateways
  • IP Phones











TE Series

Yeastar Te200 Voip Gateway

T3 Series

SIP-T33g Ip Phone

T4 Series

SIP-T46s I.P Phone


Its an entire business communication solution including Voice and Data Networking System. Thus allowing you to implement the best communication solution for your business at full capacity withouthaving to worry about the expense ofoutright purchase and cost of maintenance.

Outright Purchase

Purchase your equipment from us and we will deploy your communication solution at your permises intergating it with your local network. This option includes 3 months after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our aim is to provide products, services and solutions that remain relevant to organizations of all sizes cutting across to all sectors of the economy.

Cloud PBX Services

Yeastar Cloud PBX Service is a feature-rich and adaptable solution that combines cloud (Internet) technology services with advanced Unified Communication capabilities, offering affordable hosted VoIP solutions at low up-front hardware costs

Hosted Services

Implement the best data and voice system for your business at full capacity without having to worry about the expense of purchase and damage control.

Corporate Communication Consultancy & Support

We deliver tailored communication consultancy services and support to business in all industries. We cover: Remote technical support, migration to cloud-based communication platforms and services.

Equipment & Network Service and Maintenance

Additionally, you can reduce your annual maintenance costs by signing up for our Voice & Data network maintenance service (or either of them) and then you won’t have to pay for every repair or equipment installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is VoIP and how does it work?

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone service (sometimes referred to as broadband phone service or digital phone service) is a phone service that operates by using your high-speed Internet connection. It lets users make and receive phone calls over the Internet as opposed to over the traditional wired Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN.)

  • Do Not Disturb is a feature which stops any incoming calls temporarily from ringing. You can put all distractions aside and can send the incoming calls to voicemail. It works by sending you incoming calls straight to voicemail without even letting your phone ring.

  • Once the Do Not Disturb feature is on, no calls can come through the phone no matter how much you try. Unless the feature is turned off on the phone and calls go through, all calls will go to voicemail.

  • The voicemail feature in the PBX system stores voice messages electronically and is an upgraded version of an answering machine. A VoIP voicemail number can, therefore, retrieve such messages with a PC or system phone, or deliver the messages as an e-mail.

  • You need a voice mail access code and password which have to be predefined on server system. You can access voice mail by pressing the “Message” button of the keypad, or go to Menu->Message via phone User Interface(UI), or go to Account->Advanced->Voice Mail via web Grapical User Interface(GUI).

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